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B i o g r a p h y

Cronkite Satellite is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, filmmaker, educator and visual artist. His 2 decade career has gained critical acclaim for his innovative use of live looping, which he combines with a diverse range of genres including electronica, rock, hip-hop, industrial, shoegaze and dance music. Long story short, Cronkite Satellite is a world traveler who spreads the power of music around the planet. He firmly believes that music is the language of the universe and knows that one day, music will unite us all.

Cronkite Satellite currently has over 7 independently produced albums available on all streaming services and he's steadily performing concerts all around the planet. Some previous tour stops include: America, China, Mexico, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Türkiye, Qatar, Cambodia, Belgium, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore and India. He’s always on the move, so keep your ears and eyes open.


Cronkite Satellite... down to earth like a meteorite

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